Our Values

Mela Comfort is a health technology company dedicated to improving mental and physical health through natural products. We stand proudly by our core values which are the driving force of Mela Comfort and its employees.

Quality: We provide the highest quality products and unrivalled service to provide as much value to our customers as possible.
Customer Commitment: We are customer centric and want to develop a mutual respect between ourselves and our customers whilst helping them achieve increased levels of mental or physical comfort from our products.
Responsible Business Practices: We believe in using business to improve the lives of everyday people and also donating a portion of our profits to important causes we believe in.
Building Bonds With The Community: We believe in developing a supportive community of like-minded individuals where respect is demonstrated in our service, products and charitable work.
Appreciation & Positive Thinking: We believe in the power of appreciation and how it results in a positive outlook in life.


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